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I am extremely satisfied with the service receive by Paul Den Toon: he was EXTREMELY helpful!!! I didn’t do anything at all! He made all the arrangements with insurance, transit, credit, etc. And received my old car for a very fair price. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends that would like to…

Margarita Sanchez-Favro

Great bunch! Always friendly and helpful.

Ben Roch

Mustafa is a great guy. 519Cars is above and beyond the most honest car dealership I've dealt with. I had a great experience. No complaints


I can confirm what the other reviews tell you - Mustafa is fantastic. He enabled me to purchase a car from Toronto without a hitch. He's an honest guy, and he makes sure that you leave happy. We had a couple little hiccups come up just before closing the deal, and Mustafa was a great…

Vishal Dhir

Mustafa is the man. These are good people, Mustafa was a great salesman and they put in a good car for a great price.

Zachary Luigi

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